Key Words
management financial systems develop strong design sized medium partners and/or grants various provide development profit
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Irfan Ardian

Greenhills Blok K No.1 Jl. Aria Putra, Serua Indah Tangerang Selatan, Banten, INDONESIA - 15414

Strong Points

  • I did something fantastic!


  • I experience to design and/or to develop grants management systems for small to medium sized partners and recently to produce 3-years CD plan documents for six medium to large sized partners. Included in the design and/or develop grants management systems and capacity development activities, I also provide training related to financial systems and management to those partners. Currently as external consultant, I design the financial, personnel and supply-chain systems of two medium sized profit firms and one new established foundation.

Skill and Strong Point

  • Strong capacity to provide and analyse various financial management reports, both non-profit and profit organization/company;
  • Strong experiences in partners (grants) financial management within development sector;
  • Strong knowledge of financial and procurement policies and procedures from various organizations and donors such as: AusAID, United Nations, Oxfam International, ECHO, DEC, Government of Netherlands, SECO and CIDA, also private companies;

Employment History


Cafe Tiga Tjeret

Solo, ID

Financial and Systems Consultant

  • To develop the organizational structure of the firm;
  • To develop company's SOP and job descriptions.



Diponegoro University

Exampleville, MD

Bachelors of Economy with a focus in Accounting

  • GPA 3.08 and state registered as Accountant, issued by Ministry of Finance.